Castile, or Pure Olive oil soap is super gentle on your skin and safe for the majority of skin types.
Basic Castile soap (free of fragrances and colour) is made from such simple ingredients, it's safe for most skin types. As it doesn't contain harsh chemicals, petrochemicals, or preservatives, it is a good choice for people with highly sensitive skin and respiratory systems.
we offer both unscented and scented Castile soaps so you can choose what works best for you.

Our range of Castile Soaps are all made by hand in small batches the old fashioned way. As such there will be inconsistancies in the shape of our soaps.

Please refer to our scent list for a full description of the beautiful way your skin will smell after using our soaps.

All our Castile soaps are made with only the best Olive Oil, Purified Water and Sodium Hydroxide. Depending on which you choose they also contain responsible sourced clay and mica as well as fragrance.