Whipped Soap

Whipped soap is an amazing product to add some real luxury to your bath or shower. Just a small amount on your scrubby or loofah will foam up and clean your whole body leaving your skin feeling clean and smooth and smelling amazing.

Whipped soap is very moisturising and can be used to shave in place of shaving cream. Its firm but soft texture allows your razor to glide over your skin for a wonderful smooth finish.

Our whipped soap contains Shea Butter and Hemp seed oil which both have many marvellous benefits for your skin. 

How to use: Place a large marble sized amount of whipped soap on your scrubby or loofah and add some water. Rub the scrubby with your hands and it will foam up beautifully. Wash and rinse off. Your skin will feel soft, smooth and have a lovely lingering scent. 

Whipped soap large tub